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Has OSHA come knocking at your door? We will defend you!

Mike Rubell Photo Suite bw sqMike Rubell specializes in appeal of OSHA citations & fines, qualifying for OSHA VPP certification and helping clients qualify for state approval to become self-insured for, workers compensation coverage. Mike Rubell, MBA, Certified Safety Supervisor, is a regulatory compliance consultant with over 25 years of experience. He is the founder of National Compliance Institute, an independent full service environmental, health and safety consulting firm. The company specializes in bringing small to medium size businesses from all industries into regulatory compliance with such agencies as OSHA, EPA, DOT (Department of Transportation), and EDD on both state and federal levels.

If your company receives a Cal/OSHA citation, or experienced a serious injury or fatality, Cal-OSHA will make notification in writing by certified mail of any citations/penalties received. You have only 15 working days to either pay the penalties or contest the citation, the penalties, or both. Failure to contest the citation within this time frame confirms the penalty as FINAL. We can help!

Employers are reminded that OSHA compliance officials (industrial hygienists, safety engineers, etc.) possess specific law enforcement powers. They are not quite like your cop on the beat who can arrest you and take you to jail, but they can and do obtain search warrants, seek complaints from the local District Attorney, and testify against you in front of the OSHA Appeals Board, or the criminal court trial.

Therefore, you should exercise extreme caution whenever an OSHA official appears at your work-site. This is even more important if an employee injury or death, or employee safety complaint is the reason OSHA is knocking. The following steps outline a basic procedure that you can follow if OSHA does show up. When OSHA Knocks

We have a proven track record for reducing and/or eliminating OSHA citations and penalties while getting your company back in compliance and keeping it there. Click here to see what an actual OSHA citation looks like.


I've had the pleasure of knovJing Mike Rubell for approximately 7 years. Mike is probably the best safety consultant that I've known. Incidentally, I know a lot of them. Moreover, his ability to handle the defense of Gal/OSHA citations is well known. He has cultivated relationships with the Division District Managers throughout the state. They genuinely like him and respect his talents. As a result, he obtains favorable results for his clients either by prevailing at hearing before the Appeals Board or through negotiated settlements. Relatedly, his ability to provide competent, yet economical, representation for employers causes him to have a steady flow of new and repeat business. I am confident that your relationship with The OSHA-Man will prove fruitful. Please contact me if I may shed any more light on Mike's accomplishments. Regards, gene

Eugene F. McMenamin - OSHA Attorney

Mike, No question in my mind I think your presence along with increased awareness and presence of myself and my engineering team all played a strategic role. Juan Nava said he was very appreciative that we had engineering and that we answered all of his questions rapidly a key point. Your knowledge and relationships only makes the relationship stronger. So thank you Mike!

Juan Molina