Appeal & Defense Examples

Got an OSHA Citation? You can appeal it!

You can appeal your OSHA citation. You should exercise extreme caution whenever an OSHA official appears at your work-site. This is even more important if an employee injury or death, or employee safety complaint is the reason OSHA is knocking. We can help with your OSHA appeal. Please don’t hesitate to ask the Osha Man any OSHA related questions. We have a proven track record for reducing and/or eliminating OSHA citations and penalties while getting your company back in compliance and keeping it there.

Click below for some examples of reduced fines.

These are real cases that OSHA Defenders fought to get reduced.
$22,010 to $4,490 (San Dimas) $12,600 to $3,035 (Los Angeles) $13,590 to $2,850 (Santa Fe Springs)

Actual OSHA Citation. The Fines can be Steep! Protect Yourself!