I've had the pleasure of knovJing Mike Rubell for approximately 7 years. Mike is probably the best safety consultant that I've known. Incidentally, I know a lot of them. Moreover, his ability to handle the defense of Gal/OSHA citations is well known. He has cultivated relationships with the Division District Managers throughout the state. They genuinely like him and respect his talents. As a result, he obtains favorable results for his clients either by prevailing at hearing before the Appeals Board or through negotiated settlements. Relatedly, his ability to provide competent, yet economical, representation for employers causes him to have a steady flow of new and repeat business. I am confident that your relationship with The OSHA-Man will prove fruitful. Please contact me if I may shed any more light on Mike's accomplishments. Regards, gene

Eugene F. McMenamin - OSHA Attorney

Mike, No question in my mind I think your presence along with increased awareness and presence of myself and my engineering team all played a strategic role. Juan Nava said he was very appreciative that we had engineering and that we answered all of his questions rapidly a key point. Your knowledge and relationships only makes the relationship stronger. So thank you Mike!

Juan Molina

We wish to inform you that we hired Mike Rubell to assist us with OSHAs 18001 certification. We have successfully attained our certification as of September 3, 2013. Mike Rubell provided a comprehensive review of our Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), Hazard Communication Program (Hazcom) and he reviewed all of the programs, plans & documents required for OSHA compliance. In addition, he assisted with our Power System Study. Mike has extensive experience in this area and has excellent communication skills. He communicates very well at all levels of the organization. This made the process easy. We highly recommend his expert services in OSHA compliance.

Abdul Halim - Controller & Human Resouce, Endress+Hauser Conducta Inc

Hi Mike! I got the settlement stuff in the mail, and wanted to thank you for all your help! So all we have to do is to mail in monthly payments with the IMIS number and the table? If I understand correctly, the paperwork pretty much says it’s not an admission of fault regarding the items touched upon in the violations. Thank you again!

Laura Lee - Soyfoods of America

Hey, I wanted to let you know that I received a 30k fine from OSHA, and I used Mike Rubell. He got the fine down to $8,000 plus I did not have to plead guilty to anything which is important because OSHA can now hold presidents of firms criminally liable. I’m sure you have awesome people to work with but I thought I would through Mike’s name out there in case you didn’t. Thanks!

Ryan Grambart - President, Coppersmith Corp

Dear Mike Rubell and Ken Hillger, To : Mr. Mike Rubell, Dear sir, Mr. Ken Hillger did visit with me and our plant manager, Ralph Rubalcava, yesterday, June 10, 2014. He was a wonderful help and we thank you so much for sending him to us. He was very professional and certainly knew his business. Both Ralph and myself looked at his visit as a very positive experience. He will be back with us on Monday, 6-16-14 to review our progress. He has said that he will send further information to us so that we can prepare for an eventual visit from OSHA. Thank-you for being available for people like us that need guidance.

David Robbins - President, Nowakowski Properties

Hi Mike, Andrew and I are very pleased with your efforts and helping us have a survivable OSHA audit. With your assistance Bob did a great job in making sure that we have a safe and workable environment. We are preparing for our opening in Florida and are counting on you to continue keeping us knowledgeable and in line. Thank you very much,

Jim Pavlakos